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We are proud to offer 4 Tiers of Allstar Cheer Programs at Cheer Xpress! 4 Levels of time and financial commitment for your child to get involved in a fun and healthy activity and make a lot of new friends! Whether you're looking for a 6-week session to just give cheer a try or a competitive sport for your child, we have a place for you! 


The"CHEER" Experience

Offered in the Summer for a 6-Week Session and beginning in January each year, for a 9-Week Session. Come learn the basics of cheer and tumbling, receive a FREE t-shirt and do a performance at your last class! These sessions are for athletes Ages 3-14 and are broken up into difference age groups.

Allstar "NOVICE"Teams

Novice Teams practice from September through the end of March each year. There are No Tryouts for these teams, you just sign up! Enrollment begins at the end of July each year. Teams practice once a week and perform at 2-3 competitions in Lincoln and Omaha during their season. Novice teams are for athletes Ages 3-14, no previous experience necessary!



Prep Teams practice from May through the end of April each year. There are Tryouts for these teams but everyone makes a team! Teams practice once a week and also must take a weekly tumbling class that can be on the same night as practice or a separate night, your choice. Prep teams attend 5 competitions, mostly all in Omaha. Prep teams are for athletes Ages 5-18.

Allstar "ELITE"Teams

Elite teams are the highest level of commitment at CX. The teams practice 2-3 times per week, depending on their team, and also are required to take a weekly tumbling class. Tryouts are required for Elite teams and each level has required skills they must be able to perform. Their season goes from May through the end of April each year. Teams attend approximately 7 competitions in our region. 

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